Plastic Pollution

Since plastic was introduced over 50 years ago, global production and consumption of plastic has continued to rise at an alarming rate.

With its many attractive qualities including versatility, light in weight, flexibility, moisture resistant, strong and durable, it quickly became a material of choice.

Alas, durability was to become the cause of many kinds of waste plastic polluting the planet due to the decomposing of plastic taking many hundreds of years. 

It is said that every piece of plastic produced still exists somewhere on the planet today and will continue to exist for many hundreds of years into the future.

Estimations of the hundreds of thousands of tons of single use plastic items which will end up in oceans each year is incredible, but the damage and suffering these items cause to marine life and the marine environment is shocking.

Recycling is a part of the solution, but the percentage being recycled at present is minimal compared to the amount being produced due, in many instances, to the cost of recycling being more than the cost to produce the original product. Plastics pollution is not going to go away any time soon but, as individuals, we all must take a stand in reducing our day to day environmental impact on the planet by practising ways of quitting the use of plastic products