What Can We Do?

We’ve all heard people say, “I’m not voting in the election. What’s the use? My vote won’t change anything”.

Well… they’re correct. Their absence of a vote won’t change anything because they didn’t take ‘action’ and register their vote.

If you want change, you must take action.

So what action can we take.

The first thing we all can do is emphatically say ‘NO’ to plastic.

Some plastic products are beyond our control to take action, so let’s take a look at some of the products that are within our control and what action we can take.

  • Plastic water bottles – One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute of every day.

Action – Use a refillable bottle.

  • Coffee cups with plastic lids – One franchise alone in the USA contributes a staggering 4 billion being sent to landfill every year.

Action – Use a reusable cup.

  • Plastic bags – Should be banned from stores and grocery chains (the USA uses approximately 100 billion bags a year).

Action – Carry your own bags in either your car or your purse.

  • Plastic wrap – Simply stop using it.

Action – Use reusable plastic-free wrap, reusable containers or bowl covers.

  • Plastic straws – Are completely unnecessary! In the US alone, they use enough of these useless plastic sticks to circle the globe 2.5 times every day.

Action – Use reusable straws, including straws made of paper or bamboo.

These are but a few of the plastic products which we as consumers can control in our everyday lives.

Remember, the snowball starting from the top of the mountain very quickly becomes an avalanche.

This is our challenge, that we together can make a big dent in our plastics footprint. .

By our example, as we practice quitting plastics, we can lead our communities in taking a positive solution-oriented approach to sustainability.